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Winning Process, LLC | Albany, NY

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Meet The Sandler Team

We strive to be the best at what we do, and help you to do the same.

The Sandler Albany, NY Team

Making a Difference

We work with hundreds of selling professionals and businesses in the Capital Region to increase revenues and profits. By transforming their business development behaviors, attitudes and techniques., we create a team of “winners” who come to work every day knowing exactly what needs to be done for success!

Together we help your company develop strategies for creating consistent and predictable company growth.

We are a local, national and international company that delivers extraordinary results for companies of all sizes and industries.

Matt Scarchilli


Matt inspires and motivates others to be the best they can be. He works with organizations of all sizes to develop strong sales teams, create better hiring practices and lead their organizations more effectively.

Matt has over fifteen years of leadership, sales management, coaching and mentoring of business professionals experience.

Matt can be reached at 518-366-0004.

Sandler Books

The Sandler library of books includes two Amazon and Wall Street Journal best sellers, as well as the best-selling sales classic for any sales book ever.