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Winning Process, LLC | Albany, NY

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The best way to determine if Sandler Training is a good fit, is to experience it first hand.  We would love to have you as our guest.   Please feel free to contact us to ask about sitting in on one of our regular training offerings.

Miriam Dushane


Miriam credits Sandler Training with providing them with a process & methodology for communicating with prospects and clients. Giving them the tools to get to the end result…A Yes or a No. Having a process gives you confidence in the sales call.

"The Sandler Selling System has helped our organization tremendously. Lorraine has been a trusted adviser and asset to our organization for the past 10 years. Her knowledge and coaching has been a value to us in systematizing our sales processes as a team and personal coaching to each of our staff. Any organization that desires purposeful sales growth would be served well by Lorraine and her staff."

Brian Helf, President/CEO
Stone Management, Inc.

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No One Ever Told You That You'd Have to Sell!

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Turn Your Customer Service Team into a Sales Machine

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The Next Level in Sales: Selling to Enterprise Clients