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Winning Process, LLC | Albany, NY

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In our clients' own words

The success of our clients is what speaks volumes for us

When our clients are successful, we know that we've succeeded in our mission.

SIX Marketing

Sandler has definitely benefited SIX and what we've been able to do with our sales team, our sales process. We've fully redone everything that we were doing before, from how we talk to clients and going through the whole process to our CRM system, how we're working together, things that we're going before we talk to clients, after we talk to clients. The whole process has been redeveloped based on what we've learned from Sandler.

Karl Ulrich ~ Lightbox

Recently I spent time speaking about sales efficiency at a company that I advise. I walked through the basics that I learned in Sandler Sales Training - up front contracts, qualification, 30 second commercials, bracketing and so much more. I was surprised at everything I was able to convey and how much (even in a non-sales role) I use this training every week.

A huge thanks to Matt Scarchilli for being a great teacher of the Sandler system! Back in 2020 I was skeptical going into the training but I'm a believer now. The Sandler training is practical and actionable. I would give this training (and Matt's delivery) my highest recommendation.

Jim Marco ~ Saratoga Human Resources Solutions, Inc.

Within the first couple of classes, I knew why my selling technique was not working. What was great about the class was the concepts, the practice, the scripting, the discussions, and the interactions with other professionals who were trying to accomplish the same thing as me. Hearing about some of their challenges, circumstances they faced, and problems they solved really rounded out my learning.

Since taking this class, I successfully close over 90% of the clients I meet. 2015 was my best year ever, a 250% increase over my best previous year. I have now grown my business - something I never expected to do. I now have two employees which has accelerated my business success.

Jon Spicher ~ Schultz Construction

If you are starting from scratch or looking to improve pertaining to your sales and business development efforts, then Sandler is where you need to be. The Sandler Team of Albany offers a world class training experience unlike others and, with your commitment to learning the process and tactics, you will gain traction.

I have been in Business Development for approximately one year and had little experience and no sales process or tactics. After starting Sandler, attending the weekly training sessions, and having monthly coaching engagements with Lorraine, we have successfully obtained new opportunities with new and existing clients and continue to fill our pipeline with more. This has taken us to a new level and I am confident that this is a direct correlation with the devoted and professional team at Sandler Albany and the new focuses of how we conduct our business.

I strongly encourage those who struggle and want to improve to reach out to Lorraine, Luke or Matt and see where you can apply the Sandler way to your business. You will not be let down.

Matt Monroe ~ BullEX

BullEx has been successfully using the Sandler selling system for the last 8 years.  Having a formal sales system has played a large part in the overall success of the company.  The Sandler selling techniques have provided our sales staff with a specific process to follow when speaking with our clients and helped to build a team that is more customer focused and one that is very confident in their selling abilities.

Joseph Iaia

Sandler Selling Strategies has gone beyond its namesake and its promise by not only teaching my strategies to successfully sell with integrity, but by also revolutionizing the way I conduct myself professionally. Sandler methodology contains proven tactics and unique points of view that are designed to help you think critically about who you are, where you fit in, and who else is at the table.

The class went far beyond “the pitch” and dove deep into how to effectively communicate and collaborate with your colleagues, prospects, and even the people outside of your professional life. Like any teaching, however, it requires application. It requires your immersion – that is where Winning Process excelled. Matt and his team did a fantastic job of relaying the coursework back to anecdotal evidence and company-specific role playing which helped me and my team master the material and live it in the field. Since Matt and the Winning Process team taught us the Sandler Foundations, my ability to maintain control, quickly build authentic rapport, and to expand my existing talents has increased tremendously. Whether in a sales setting, a collaborative environment, or managerial setting, I caught myself referring back to Matt’s lectures and much better off because of it – every time.

Paul DiCaprio ~ President of Specialty Silicone Products

Dominic (our new salesperson) has been making and continues to make great strides here at SSP with his personal development in sales. He has morphed into one of the best sales people I have ever seen. He has uncovered tremendous opportunities for us and his follow-up/summaries to customers are concise and to the point with action items and responsibilities. His close cycle has been shortened from 13 months to 6 months and his close percentage has gone from 10% to 45%. He swiftly and accurately can weed out targets that have a low probability for closing, giving him more time to focus on real opportunities. Sandler Training is a major contributor to his success.

Michael P. Kelly ~ Stone Management, Inc.

Being new to sales, Michael’s boss enrolled him in the weekly sales training program. Michael finds value in the possibility to bring his accomplishments and struggles to class to be discussed with his peers and the Sandler Trainers. This safe environment allows him to practice before he gets in front of the prospect.

Having a sales system has allowed Michael to structure his sales calls so that he always knows where he is in the sales process and what his clear next step with be.

In less than 6 months, Michael shattered his sales record by 419%.

Louise Aitcheson ~ Center for Economic Growth

Our greatest joy is hearing about the successes that our clients have experienced as a result of our sales consulting and performance programs. If you're wondering whether we can help improve your top-line and increase sales, take a look at some of the sales results that our clients have shared with us.

Scott Williams ~ Atlantic British

Although we have a very experienced sales team with a strong product knowledge we felt as though we were missing many sales opportunities by not having an actual sales "process". Lorraine has guided our sales group to a much more professional and structured approach to sales but has also tailored this to each individuals strengths and personal style.

Our staff has embraced the process as it has made them more comfortable with identifying opportunities and hopefully closing that business. Although each of the individuals we put through the program are showing sales improvement our sales leader has a sales increase of over 15% with his average sale up 10.5%.

Brian Helf ~ Stone Management, Inc.

The Sandler Selling System has helped our organization tremendously. Lorraine has been a trusted adviser and asset to our organization for the past 10 years. Her knowledge and coaching has been a value to us in systematizing our sales processes as a team and personal coaching to each of our staff. Any organization that desires purposeful sales growth would be served well by Lorraine and her staff.

Chris Wessell ~ Pinnacle Staffing and Recruiting LLC

Lorraine brings a lot of value whether you're an individual sales contributor, a manager of salespeople, or the owner of a business (or all of the above). Even if you're in what you would consider to be a non-sales capacity at your company, you will dramatically increase your value as an employee by attending even one of Lorraine's seminars. Have your manager call me if they don't think so!

I have worked with Lorraine in a few capacities. As a business owner, I am both a salesperson myself and a manager of a sales team. Lorraine is an excellent coach and mentor in both of these capacities and I know for an absolute fact that her coaching and training has contributed to our success. It hasn't just "generated more sales" either... it has really helped me learn where to focus my efforts which has resulted in my strongest customer relationships becoming even stronger and for me that might be the most satisfying part as I am very reputation driven.

In every training/coaching engagement, she brings a winning combination of things you never thought of doing, and the things you know you should be doing (but manage to find excuses not to).

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Nicole Novick ~ Protective Industrial Products

Our Inside Sales team went through the Sandler Core Curriculum training. It was interesting to watch our inside sales team open up.  At first they faced the training sessions with skepticism since they're (of course) seasoned professionals who (of course again) know everything they know (and more).  As the sessions progressed, they began to embrace and expand their skills through the role play, related experiences and reinforcement Lorraine provided.  They began to speak the same language, use consistent messaging with our customers and develop the customer experience to one where we listen, ask the right questions, listen again and find the solutions for the customer.  With the help of Lorraine and Sandler we've cultivated a customer centric culture built around relationship selling and service. 

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Sara Stein ~ EYP Architecture & Engineering

Lorraine is an excellent coach and an effective mentor. I know her through community activities and from working with her professionally, and she has provided very useful advice on both fronts. 
Lorraine has a particular talent for understanding people’s personalities so that she can encourage their development in specific ways. She has encouraged me to look at situations more objectively; if I hold back for fear of some obstacle, she has helped me review potential outcomes so that I can prepare for them in advance. She has an amazing way of instilling confidence in you when you need it most.
While she brings broad knowledge of different industry types to her work, Lorraine’s gift for connecting with people as individuals and cultivating relationships is what makes her outstanding at what she does. She would be a valuable advisor for professionals in sales and strategic planning alike.

David Mahoney ~ Noble Gas Solutions

At Noble Gas Solutions, we are always looking to grow our customer relationships and our business. Lorraine Ferguson, President of the local Sandler Training Business, helped us to understand the importance of having a consistent selling process, and the positive impact it can have on sell cycles and sales rep effectiveness and efficiency. Lorraine also helped us to develop a process for hiring and on-boarding sales people which we can implement across the board - giving us confidence in our hiring and reducing the time it takes for a new hire to become productive.
I recommend you bring Lorraine and the Sandler Selling System into your business.

Bill Keogh ~ Nortrax

I have been fortunate to work with Lorraine and Sandler Training for the past few years. Under her tutelage, I became a more effective sales manager and sales person. Her calm demeanor and sense of humor, make it easy to connect with her, as she relays the concepts and techniques that make Sandler so effective in today's busy world. If you want to improve the performance of you sales operations, you should call Lorraine.