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Sandler Program Offerings

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Want to experience Sandler Training?

Our training sessions are a great way to catch a glimpse of the Sandler Training program in action and discuss the sales issues faced by salespeople. Fill out the form below and we will contact you to arrange a guest pass.

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Why Sandler?

At Sandler, we empower individuals and organizations for success by implementing robust processes that address accountability, effective hiring, and managing change. On the customer service front, we help companies go from good to great, emphasizing the importance of not only solving problems but also caring for the person behind the issue. Through various Sandler tools, we build strong relationships, understanding behavioral styles, active listening, and adaptability, creating super successful individuals. Trust me, your success is my commitment! Let's unlock your full potential together.

Experience Sandler Training in any of our programs.

  • Executive Briefings (EB)

    A 2 hour session that provides an overview of the Sandler Selling System. We look at the traditional selling methods as well as the Sandler Selling System.

  • Sandler Presidents Club Foundations (FND)

    Foundations has eight stand-alone modules that provide a fresh professional approach to selling. Let go of the sales habits that have not yielded the results you need, and take charge of the selling process with new productive behaviors, attitudes and techniques.

  • Sandler Sales Mastery (SM)

    Upon completion of the Foundations program, Sandler practitioners join the Sales Mastery program. An ongoing professional development series designed to help you apply proven sales methodology in real world business situations. This reinforced learning program instills the productive behavior necessary for your continued success.

  • Sandler Leadership Forum (SSL)

    Sandler Leadership Forum created for CEO's, Presidents and Managers, gives you the tools to lead, motivate and develop your team. These monthly sessions are designed in a powerful format to give you strong business tools to take back to your team and implement immediately.

  • Sandler Strategic Customer Care (CS)

    Comprised of 7 sessions our Customer Care program addresses the unique needs of those on the front line with customers. From managing customer expectations to maintaining customer loyalty to uncovering additional or ongoing needs this program builds confidence when “selling” your businesses services or products.

Experience the expertise of Sandler Training for one full year

Register for a complimentary, annual access pass to Sandler's E-Learning library (SELL) and gain access to hundreds of audio, video, and downloadable resources with this special offer.

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