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Employee Assessments

The right person makes all the difference.

Finding the right people to fill your open positions is becoming more difficult. It is becoming harder than ever before to find qualified candidates. Assessments help you quickly narrow the field, so you can focus on candidates who have the most potential. Assessments filter out applicants who are not a good fit and shorten the interview process.

Employees who are using their skill set bring more passion to their work and are more likely to stay with your company.  Managing and coaching to each persons strengths and development areas builds a strong and dedicated team of individuals who respect each other and work well together.  A defined career path can lead to reduced turnover and increased job satisfaction.  Hiring is expensive, turnover can be even more expensive.

Tami M. Cole


As a small business with a new team, Tami wanted to do individual skill assessments for her entire team. Using the assessment results Sandler held a team building workshop that resulted in everyone knowing how to interact, communicate and work more effectively with each other.

Reasons to Assess

The information that assessments provide can differentiate your company.

  • Streamline the Selection Process

    Assessments help to narrow the pool of available candidate to those who have the skills set and competencies needed to perform the job.

  • Confidently Offer the Position

    Knowing that you have throughly interviewed, allows you to be sure they have the skills set and are a good fit for your organization so that you can confidently offer the position.

  • Accurately Predict On-Boarding Time

    No candidate is perfect.  Knowing what areas a person excels at and where they need development helps management create an on-boarding plan that is specific to them.

  • Improve Coaching and Mentoring

    Create actionable and objective development plans for employees.  Knowing each individuals strengths and development areas provide for more effective coaching and mentoring sessions.

  • Reduce Turnover

    Employees who feel they are utilizing their natural abilities to complete their responsibilities are more likely to have a longer tenure with that company.

  • Create a Clear Career Path

    Knowledge of each individuals strengths and opportunity areas allow for concise and effective feedback for growth in the development of a career path.  

Making It Right

Sandler offers a series of assessment tools that not only examine core competencies necessary for success, but also examines the way people think, behave and apply skills in the work environment. Assessment not only identify an individuals’ strengths, they also reveal areas for improvements. We use them in our training curriculum, to identify training solutions and to assist companies with the selection of the right person.


As a Sales Manager, one of the first areas I found Sandler extremely helpful was in our recruitment process.  Sandler provided tools which helped me identify the exact skills and information a team member needs to learn to be successful in their role.  With this carefully drawn out plan, I am better able to find suitable candidates and ask the correct questions throughout the interview process.  The SEARCH tool Sandler introduced me to help me outline all of the skills and attributes a candidate should possess in order to be a good fit.  We use the DISC assessments to help us move candidates along successfully and they have helped us identify traits necessary to perform the job well.  Putting these tools in place have brought us stronger team members and made the hiring process very systematic and smooth.  I've actually found when I don't use the system I've put in place, we have a higher rate of failure. 

Nicole Novick Protective Industrial Products

Miriam Dushane


Linium incorporates the use of Extended DISC assessments as part of their on-boarding process. It provides confirmation of the individuals strengths and development areas. It can be an eye-opener for other team members. Miriam has seen an improvement in communication among the team members.


FREE Report: 9 Reasons Why You Need Employee Assessments

From our partner, The Devine Group comes this report that highlights how using assessments in the hiring process can create efficiency, support employee development, and bolster engagement with today's workforce.